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Disney Channel 100
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drabbles based on Disney Channel shows, cartoons & movies
&; About
disneych_100 is a livejournal drabble challenge community, where we give you prompts in which you'd write as MANY drabbles as you want (providing their within the word range) about any Disney Channel show, cartoon, or movie.

Every Monday OR Sunday a new challenge is posted (although truthfully whenever I remember to put it up!). You must be a member to post.

&; Rules/Guidelines
- o1. Your drabble needs to be 100 words minimum and 200 words maximum. No more no less. Regardless of the small word count, each drabble must be UNDERNEATH an LJ cut - if you don't know how to use an LJ cut check LJ's FAQs. These drabbles also must be brand new and written specifically for the community. No using past works.

- o2. The goal of this community is to have fun of course, but also to encourage more fanfiction dedicated to Disney Channel Shows/Movies/Cartoons (and not their actors!).

- o3. You can post as many times as you like in the given week. In fact, it's encouraged.

- o4. You are required to put your own tags.

Here is an example:
  • author: (your username), prompt: (prompt title here)
  • author: flareonfury, prompt: pie,

    Don't forget to add your show/movie/cartoon, character & pairing tags, too! Character tags are used when the main focus of the drabble is on characters not pairings. Pairing tags are only for drabbles that mainly focuses on a couple.

    - o5. Please INCLUDE a regular header such as the title, fandom, characters/pairings, spoilers/warnings, disclaimer, and summary (optional).

    - o6. NO REAL PERSON FANFICTION IS ALLOWED. So no Joe/Kevin/Nick, David/Selena, Nick/Selena, or whatever. This is about the fandoms, not the cast members.

    - o7. Please INCLUDE a regular header such as the title, fandom, characters/pairings, rating, spoilers/warnings, disclaimer, and summary (optional).

    - o8. Flaming, trolling or bashing will not be tolerated. Anyone who does flame, troll or bash will be banned from the community (and please let me know so I can do so).

    - o9. Posts only promoting other communities will be deleted without warning along with any Beta Requests or Fanfic requests or other stuff. You may however include that with your fics if you so wish.

    - 1o. When posting, use the guidelines given in the user info and please put the fandom(s) & # of drabbles in the subject line.

    Here is an example:
    fandom(s) // # Drabble(s)
    wizards of waverly place // 5 drabbles

    - 11. Crossovers are not currently allowed with fandoms OUTSIDE the Disney Channel network. So no Hannah Montana/Drake&Josh.

    - 12. Original characters are okay, as long as they aren't the main focus of your drabble.

    These rules may or may not subject to change... if they do there will be a mod post.

    &; Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can i post more than one drabble in a single post?
    Yes and in fact it's encouraged. It helps member flists stay unclogged.

  • Can i link my drabbles, like a drabble series?
    Of course!

  • Are we allowed to post our drabbles to other communities?
    Most definitely! It's your writing - do whatever you want with it.

  • Is Slash/Incest/PWP/genderbenders/etc accepted here?
    Most definitely! Just remember to warn people!

    If you have any other questions: please comment HERE.

    &; Affiliates
    disneych_fic / lwd_crossovers / disney_anon / everyfandomfest / joe_sonny / nick_stella / disney_uberland / galorechallenge / xoverland

    If you wish to become affiliates: please comment HERE. (Only Disney-related LJ communities accepted)

    &; Credits
    - Header was created by flareonfury/harpieicons.
    - Stylesheet was created by xaddictionsx.
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